The International Programme for Arab Development ( IPAD) is a Management Consulting and Training Firm based in Dubai the United Arab Emirates. It is focused on self-empowerment aiming to achieve happiness , sustainable development, and peace. It facilitates Knowledge transfer  by  customizing  the   latest developments  in  Science and Technology,  in Social and Economic studies including management to the local needs  in various fields  that the programme covers . IPAD stimulates  innovation, creativity,  positive thinking  and the   drive for quality and excellence . IPAD  motivates people  to  shape  their  innate capabilities and talents  to  become tolerant and  accept and  respect  diversity ;  appreciate team  work;  with   open spirit  to learn  from and build on  the successes and  achievements of  others that are contributing to the progress of humanity . IPAD helps people to respect heritage, authenticity ,and culture with openness to  modernity,  in order to become   better  and   active  positive  participants in society.

To achieve its goals, IPAD launches regional and International Initiatives, provides a platform for networking ,  conducts capacity building programmes and training courses , and offers consulting services

Our strength is derived from our talented Consultants, specialists and Instructors who bring unmatched deep experience and cultural dexterity.  We work with people and with clients on a wide spectrum of activities that range from Incremental Improvements on their business, to Corporate Transformations.  Whether it is a Corporate Restructuring, a Merger, an Acquisition, Launching a New Product, or Expanding into new territories, we will be there to deploy our deep experience in Implementation Management, Project Management and Change Management across a variety of different Corporate Cultures endow us with an unmatched competitive edge. We work jointly with our clients to design, develop and implement customised Business Initiatives and ensure that the desired benefits are realised.

Our Vision: To be a global visionary thought leader and innovator, developing and implementing leading edge concepts, methods, frameworks, and tools that have a profound impact on how business is conducted globally.

Our Mission: Working with people and  clients to help them realise their dreams and aspirations and by successfully implementing their Corporate and Operations Strategies and Plans.  We will transfer knowhow developed and practiced in the developed world to the Middle East in order to accelerate the development of this region.

Our Values: Integrity, Innovation,  Excellence,  Quality,  Trust and   Leadership